Second Missionary Baptist Church



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THE PURPOSE OF THIS PROGRAM: To provide sustaining services such as: Meals, Food & Clothes to the Community at large.

SOUP KITCHEN: Initially the Ministry will endeavor to organize a meal once a month to individuals in need. The Gospel will always be shared through the Word at these events.
FOOD BANK: The Ministry will endeavor to provide substantial canned and dry goods (non-perishable) food to individuals in need upon request.
CLOTHES CLOSET: The Ministry will endeavor to make clean, gently used clothes available to individuals in need.
PRAYER: Prayer is always available to Clients upon request. And always requested

Each of these components can be integrated on a single day for a single event or stand alone and delivered separately as required or desired.


The Soup Kitchen
 An Event Coordinator
 Kitchen Workers
 Setup and Breakdown Workers

The Food Bank
 A Coordinator
 Donations of canned and dry goods food
 Food Distributers
 A Renovated Space

 The Clothes Closet
 An Event Coordinator
 A Renovated Space
 Donations of clean, gently used or new Clothes
 Clothes Distributers

 General Needs
 Donation of folding chairs
 Donation of a half Tent

Is there something in the lists above that you can provide or something we missed that you can supply ? Maybe you want to volunteer for one of the above positions. Please leave your name and number with the Church office.



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