Second Missionary Baptist Church


Second Missionary Baptist Church

Church Website & Facebook Ministry
Deacon's Ministry

Trustee's Ministry
Clerk of the Church
Financial Secretary of the Church
Facilities Directors
Office Manager & Assistant
Benevolence Ministry
Brotherhood Ministry
Discipleship Training Ministry
Church School Ministry
Usher's Ministry #1
Usher's Ministry #2
Usher's Ministry #3
Youth and Children Usher Ministry #4
Youth and Children Counselors
Mass Choir Ministry
James Carl Sams Male Chorus

Health Awareness Team (HAT) Ministry
Combined Women Missionary Ministry

New! Homeless & Hungry/Food Bank Ministry
Deaconesses' Ministry
Pastoral Ministry
Concerned Members Ministry
Retired Members Ministry
Ministers Wives Ministry
Birthday Ministry
Transportation Ministry
Minister of Evangelism
Prayer Band Ministry
Audio/Video/Tape Ministry
Newsletter Ministry
Scholarship Ministry

Married Couples' Ministry
Singles' Ministry
Hospitality Ministry
Culinary Ministry
"Junior Deacons" & "Junior Brotherhood"
New! Historic Preservation Ministry




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